The Mystic Realm of King Arthur

The Mystic Realm of King Arthur

Did King Arthur really exist? This single question will keep historians fighting with each other well into the afterlife. Was Arthur a Roman Centurian, a Celtic Warlord, or indeed the son of a king? There are books, films and numerous web sites that deal with this question in depth. Listed below are several that will help you form your own opinion.

*shield* The Camelot Project

*shield* Arthurian Legends: A Web-based Interdisciplinary Approach For Educators

*shield* Oxford Arthurian Society

*shield* ARTHURNET: An Arthurian Internet Discussion Group

*shield* Arthuriana Homepage

*shield* The Bibliography of Novels with Arthurian Characters and Themes

*shield* International Marie de France Society

*shield* Odin's Arthur Page (Really Nice - IF you can get to it)

*shield* Bretagne: King Arthur

*shield* Britannia's Arthur Page

*shield* FeySidhe's Arthur Page

*shield* The Quest:The Caliburn Homepage @ University of Idaho

*shield* The Saxon Shore:Dubris

*shield* King Arthur Pendragon

*shield* Merrie Haskell's Arthur Page

Lynette K. Edsall

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