Compiled by Lynette K. Edsall, April 1996; Revised September, 1998.




The Celts

Celts and Saxons homepage.
A Celtic Studies Bibliography from the Celtic Studies Association of North America

Rome and Late Antiquity

Romarch: Roman art and archaeology
Extensive index of sites starting in antiquity.
Medieval Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon England sources
Old English Pages: Old English and Anglo-Saxon Resources
Resources for the study of Beowulf

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

The World of the Vikings
Elvegrimarne - The Association for Viking Age Culture
The Briese-Bane Vikings Information Centre
The Jorvik Viking Center at York
A homepage devoted to things Viking.
Viking Heritage - Viking server & database
RUNES - The Viking Oracle
Runic inscriptions database

The Middle Ages

Laws of William the Conquerer.
The Labyrinth contains bibliographies, journals, teaching materials
The Camelot Project: Arthurian texts, bibliographies etc.
Kalamazoo - The Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University
The Haskins Society for Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Angevin History
The Middle Ages Trust
Amsterdam Society for Medieval Studies
The Medieval Center - Denmark
HUMBUL Gateway - the HUManities BULletin board
Scottish History Magazine
The Museum of London Archaeology Service
The Institute of Historical Research
Medieval and Renaissance History Links from NYU
NetSerf from Catholic University of America
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Guide to Medieval resources on the Net
Medieval Academy of America.
ORB: On-line Text for Medieval Studies
Literature from all ages available for downloading
Middle English texts at University of Virginia
Luminarium - Anthology of Middle English Literature
The Bayeux Tapestry, searchable by parts.
University of Oxford Bodleian Library-medieval images.
Texts and Documents: Europe
The Magna Carta...searchable by article!
DScriptorium: medieval manuscripts digitized
Reference Materials for Iberian History
Plague and Public Health in pre-Renaissance Europe
Voice of the Shuttle: English literature
Guide to early church documents.
Gregorian Chant Homepage
Searchable Latin Vulgate Bible
Medieval studies at Stanford with links to other locations.
A course syllabus taught by Deb Everhart at Georgetown. Includes a suggested readings list.
School of History at Bangor, Wales Contains essay topics, bibliographies and tutorial topics.
Medieval Woman Homepage...still under construction.
List of medieval academic discussion groups.




Anglo-Saxon History: A Select Bibliography
Women Writers of the Middle Ages. Contains teaching materials as well as bibliography.
Bibliography of english translations from medieval sources from 1968-1991.
Medieval cultural studies bibliography from a '95 conference at Georgetown.
Medieval cookbooks bibliography.
Bibliography of cookbooks and feast books.
Medieval and Renaissance Marriage customs bibliography.
Bibliography of general history covering most everything.
An urban history bibliography.
Medieval World Bibliographies. Features scholarly bibs as well as bibs for children and young adults.




Library of Congress searchable index
Library of Congress via University of Toronto: often S-L-O-W!
Libraries on the Web...access libraries all over the world.
WWW Virtual Library. Index of all subjects.
On-Line catalogs with web interfaces.
Ancient and Medieval reading room with serchable index.
Hill Monastic Library. Info on how to use the library at St. John's in Collegeville, MN
Online Medieval and Classical Library




MetaCrawler. Searches all the engines and returns top matches.
Alta Vista
Deja News



Not medieval, but it contains interesting information about Tyburn Hill in London.
Castles on the Web
What a comprehensives reading list might look like from someone at NYU who took them.
Shakespearian Insult Generator. Each time its accessed, it will give you a new insult. Not really medieval but fun anyway! :+)
Two "medieval" guys who dispense humor.
List of prices of medieval items compiled from several sources.
Feudal Terms
100 Years War
Medieval and Renaissance Brewing Homepage.
Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage
The British Heraldic Archive.



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